Get your exam with SOFIA VR!

With our fun and innovative SOFIA VR training, you are trained efficiently to get your RAS-exam.

What does SOFIA bring?

With SOFIA VR-cleaningtraining, new employees can start training right away. By themselves, in their own languages, at your office or a safe location. In an innovative and most of all: fun! Because it’s been proven that SOFIA gets people towards their exam in 6 hours of training, it will be much easier to plan training groups. Training costs will also sink significantly!


• Training using VR-games turns out to be 3 to 4 times as effective.

• SOFIA VR-training is scalable: usable always and everywhere, even on location for small groups.

• You improve your employer branding by using innovative technologies

• SOFIA is multilingual, meaning your people can train in their won language, which increases efficiency!

• SOFIA VR-training gets extremely positive reviews: Trainees love it!


All-in-1 with SOFIA IN A BOX!

With SOFIA IN A BOX, you get everything you need to train immediately in one suitcase. No laptops, Wi-Fi problems, or a complex manual.. Instead you can get straight to training!

What’s in the box?

In SOFIA in a box, you find everything you need to host VR trainings:

• A computer and software to spectate the VR device

• A VR headset to play the training

• A screen to watch the training

• A Wifi router so you always have a local connection


Free demonstration

Unsure about what SOFIA VR could mean for you? When you contact us, we will come demonstrate the possibilities for free!