To your exam with SOFIA VR!

With our fun and innovative SOFIA VR training you will be trained quickly and easily to pass your cleaning exam.

What does SOFIA bring?

With SOFIA VR-cleaningtraining, new employees can start training right away. By themselves, in their own languages, at your office or a safe location. In an innovative and most of all: fun! Because it’s been proven that SOFIA gets people towards their exam in 6 hours of training, it will be much easier to plan training groups. Training costs will also sink significantly!


• Training through VR games appears to be approximately 3 to 4 times as effective in practice.

• SOFIA VR training is scalable: can be used anytime, anywhere, even on location for small groups.

• You work on your employer branding when you train with this modern technology

• SOFIA is multilingual, allowing you to train your people in their native language and increase effectiveness!

• SOFIA VR training receives extremely high ratings: Students simply love it!


SOFIA in every language!

We increasingly see cleaners who do not speak Dutch or English. This is a major challenge for many trainers; how do you communicate? Fortunately, SOFIA offers the solution for this. Cleaners train in their own language faster and more efficiently, and this also provides extra motivation!

SOFIA trains in Dutch, English, Polish, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Arabic, Turkish, German, French, and many more languages!


All-in-1 with SOFIA IN A BOX!

With SOFIA IN A BOX you get in one suitcase everything you need to start training straight away. No laptops, Wi-Fi problems, or complicated manual, just get started right away!

What’s in the box?

SOFIA in a box contains everything you need to provide a VR training:

• A computer to run the viewing software

• A VR headset to play the training

• A screen to watch the training

• A WiFi router so that there is a connection at any location


Free demonstration

Are you unsure about what SOFIA VR can do for you? When you contact us, we will give a free demonstration!