Cleaning workx is often hectic with many unplanned activities. This is only strengthened by the high turnover of personel. Because of this, employees often have to work at an unknown location at the last moment. This usually means that there is no or little time for a manager to instruct their staff properly.

Our pre-boarding solutions offer a solution! Using 360° media en gamification, we offer online pre-boarding tours that are available on PC, laptop, tablet and mobiele devices.
Your people can find maps of this location. The entrance, rooms, layouts, and buildings are shown virtually and people get guided through them using a tour (like how it’s done in Google Streetview).


In the tour we can create routes, tasklists, and notice points based on your wishes. This can be supported by detailed photo’s, video’s, symbols en pictograms. It will also contain spoken and written text in languages of choice!
This can help your employees get used to a location more quickly and will help them go to work more self-assured. It will also help your workers follow your working standard to guard consistency.


More information?

Pre-boarding tours are always custom made depending on your demands. When you are interested, you can contact us to together discuss the possibilities.