On this page you will find a number of projects that we have developed.

Looking for something else? Then we will explore the possibilities together!


SOFIA VR cleaning training

With the SOFIA VR cleaning training, new employees can start training immediately. Independently, in their own language, at your office or in a safe environment. In an innovative, modern and, above all, fun way.

First Day training

Our ‘First Day’ training is an extra module of our cleaning training. With this module you will learn all the most important knowledge for cleaning in approximately 30 minutes. Ideal for holiday workers or when there is no time for full training.


Disposable cleaning

The Disposable Cleaning module teaches the student to use a different cleaning method. In addition, the student also learns the benefits of using this method. This module was built in collaboration with Carel Lurvink.


Bungalow cleaning

A number of modules for cleaning recreational bungalows are currently being developed. These will be ready by mid-2024.



Airplane cleaning

We are currently also developing an aircraft cleaning module. This module is currently only available in demo form, but will soon be developed into a full module.


Hotel cleaning

We are also working on a hotel cleaning module. This is now under development and is expected in mid-2024.


Other questions?

Does this sound interesting, but do you have any other questions? For example, do you need training that we do not yet offer or are you looking for expert advice? Please contact us. Perhaps we can help you and set up a new training course together.